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Yesta Instant White Plus Body Lotion

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Pack. & Delivery:100 ML

Yesta Instant Whitening Body Lotion,
serves to whiten the skin in an instant, for those of you who want to travel, and do not want skin ny black and scruffy look, wear deh yesta instant whitening. . Yesta Whitening Skin Lightening Lotion is real Instant, really fit if we use the special moments rich in Party, Wedding, etc..
Because Quote original leather looks much more white so immediately upon taking.

* * Protect your skin from the effects of the sun and ultraviolet rays that can cause black spots on the skin and provides nutrients to the skin so the skin is more moist. Yesta Instant Body Lotion White Plus can protect the Ph balance in the skin that feels more comfortable and fresh

Company Contact
Name:Ms. Ani Setyowati [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:08383 495 945 8
Phone Number:08383 495 945 8
Address:Jln. Sumber No 61 Talok Turen
malang 65175, Jawa Timur
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